I'm having a really difficult time getting the Office 365-driver to work
as expected.
After updating IDM to version with remote loader 4.5 finally the
driver seems functional, for the most part.

I am still however getting errors whenever an object is moved within
eDirectory. I have setup a simple eDir->Office 356 sync with the
following exceptions:
ē Disabled object matching on Full Name (this would just completely mess
up the sync).
ē Disabled everything on the Publisher channel in the sync filter since
the option to disable the Publisher channel at least was broken in
earlier versions (I havenít checked in the latest since I donít need
it). Also the heartbeat interval setting is still broken.
ē Disabled to check for AD driver association (we donít use the same
domain for our AD-users)

Iím getting the following error whenever an object is moved:
Status: Retry, Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry"
status indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail
from driver: <message>Exception of type 'DXMLBase.Xds.XdsRetryException'
at DXMLMSOnlineDriver.SPSubscriberShim.ExecuteCommand (String cmd) at
DXMLMSOnlineDriver.SPSubscriberShim.modifyHandler( XdsOperation
xdsModify, XdsOutput xdsOutput) at
DXMLMSOnlineDriver.SPSubscriberShim.execute(XmlDoc ument doc,
IXmlQueryProcessor query)</stack-trace>

This freezes the entire driver until it is restarted so itís not just
the object being moved thatís affected.

There is of course a rule in the Subscriber Event Transformation policy
called ďveto move operationsĒ but it seems the when an object is moved
more than one event is created which somehow circumvents this rule, he
first event is vetoed but the rest are not (as far as I can tell from
the level 5 trace). I find this behavior very odd. I have no other
drivers running which could be causing additional operations to be
performed on the object.

Am I missing something obvious? Can the driver simply not handle move
operations by default? Is so how can I effectively disable them
manually? I guess as a last resort a workaround would be to set up at
extra OU in eDirectory and a Loopback driver to ďcacheĒ all the Objects
that should be synchronized to Office 365, but this would add complexity
to the system and should not be needed. Moving object has to work since
it is something we do on occasion.

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