I have a question that concerns the Lothar Password Notification driver.
I am aware that this is not an official driver.

I am running in to a problem with the LDAP query size. In a driver you
would normally use query-ex for large result sets to prevent running
into the query limit of eDirectory.
The password notification driver however uses the included LDAPSearch
library policy with the well known ldapsearch function. This function
supports the setting of a result size but that's just a hard limit for
the query. The driver will just stop querying after that.

I am trying to use the driver for a group of users that exceed the LDAP
query size, thus causing the driver to error-out with an LDAP query size
limit exceeded. I have solved this (for now) by deploying a second
driver and sending notifications to a certain subset of users that can
be defined by an LDAP filter.

But... let's say you have like 100.000 users. It's complete madness to
deploy like 20 password notification drivers just for notification of
those accounts. How did you guys solve this? Is it possible to set the
eDirectory query size limit to a higher value ? (it's set to unlimited
on the LDAP Server object btw). Is there something i'm missing ?

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