Hi again,

Now that I put my LDAP driver to work again, I notice that it doesn't do
a move operation that it's supposed to do.

I already saw the same error message here in the forums, but I'm having
some trouble to understand the rule that generates the move operation
(it was not me that wrote the driver). To explain myself, I can't find
the actual rule that do the move

As I don't see the rule, I simply can't even start to look for the error
cause. The only rule that I see call "Gestion de l'archivage d'une
personne", but it just defines a local variable that is not used
anywhere else.

Normaly the LDAP entry has to change from o=personne to o=archive when
the IDV changes from ou=personnes to ou=archives

At the and I've the error message No association for parent for move
operation and I don't see where it's originated....

The last transaction that I did is in the following log (it has two
parts due to it's size) :
'log part 1' (http://pastebin.com/eZxzQXHz)
'log part 2' (http://pastebin.com/kHauALJQ)

Can you please help me to understand how this driver works?

Thanks in advance,

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