Hi All

We are using the Novell iPrint appliance and need to sync an attribute
that holds the users swipe card number from our corporate edirectory
tree into the iPrint edirectory tree so our print release system works.
The LDAP sync that is part of iPrint will not sync additional

At this point I turned to IDM to sync the users into the iPrint tree.
When I install the Metadirectory server I get an error that NMAS
is not supported and I need NMAS 3.13 or later and Security Services
2.04 of later. Given that NMAS 3.13 has been around quite a while it
made me think this error could be just cosmetic.
If anyone could assist and let me know if the NMAS installed is OK to
use with IDM or let me know what I would have to do to get IDM working
it would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks


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