We have IDM 4.0.2 on windows, have AD, SOAP, SAP UM drivers.

We have SAP-ROLE entitlement to assign role in SAP UM clients. If a role
is assigned in IDM, its equivalent SAP role is assigned in SAP client,
this works fine.

As per customers requirement, we want to set the roles with role start /
end dates on the SAP client.

From the SAP um document, I could see the entitlement ref param like

cn=ActivityGroup,cn=SAP User Management

Question: How do we set FROM, TO date in the entitlement param value?
The Dirxml-entitlement-ref attribute value should contain technical role
name (in sap) and start & role end date.
Also, this has to be retrieved from Entitlement change event, so that we
can send it to SAP UM.

Please help how this can be achieved.

Thanks in advance.

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