Hi all: I am attempting to install IDM 4.0.2 BE UD2 on a new OES 11 SP2 server, just the metadirectory portion so I can set up password sync with AD. In the past I was using IDM 3.6.1 but moved to 4.0.2 BE on the new server (replacement). I was finally able to get 4.0.2 to install. the install gave me lots of trouble until I figured the path to eDir on the server was not set.

So I have now created a new driver set and eDir-to-AD driver. The driver installation went smoothly and I filled in all the needed data. The driver starts but does not connect. But that is not the issue here. I cannot edit the driver properties; I can open the driver properties window but I cannot open any of the tabs or settings pages. I am 100% sure I have something else not configured properly, but I cannot find my error.

Has anyone seen this behavior or know the cause? How do I fix it? As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Chris.