version: IDM 4.0.2 on W2K8-R2 has IDVault and an AD driver has remote loader.

I am attempting to connect the AD driver from to
remote loader in Not using SSL, on port, 8091.
However, as I believe my current issue is, before I can make successful
connection between server1 in DomainA to DC1 in DomainB, I keep getting
the following 4 lines in the remote loader trace (level4)
Loader: Verifying drvier can be loaded...
ADDriver: Driver::destroy
ADDriver: Driver::~Driver()
Loader: Waiting for DirXML to connect on 'TCP server socket, port 8091,

Can you help me the loader loaded properly? I don't think
so, but I need some help to confirm. And how to fix the "destroy"
thingy magicky
And secondly, server1 in DomainA doesn't seem to connect to DC1 in
DomainB. Is SSL absolutly needed to make that work?

Thanks your for your time.

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