We have IDM 4.0.2 on windows and we have a SAP UM driver connecting to
SAP UM - single client.

Initially it was decided to set only onetime password for new users in
SAP UM, so we have a logic to generate pwd during user creation. And we
stripped further modify password as it was not the requirement - 'strip
password during change password'..

We have around 1000 users in the SAP UM clients already associated in
IDM. So, the users will have different passwords in IDM and SAP UM

Now, our customer wants to sync the existing password from IDM to SAP
and also want to have change password in future.

We have disabled the rule 'strip password during change password'.
-Change password is working fine.

But, we tried to use the migrate from IDVault for an already associated
user but the IDM password didnt synched to SAP UM. All other attributes
getting updated (if there is any mismatch), except the password.

Also, there is no error reported from driver.

Please let us know if its possible and how?

Thanks in advance.

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