can anybody tell me what this patch is about? I hardly can not find any
documentation on this "utility".
When running the executable there is a simple dialouge asking to
continue and thats it ....

Anyway I had reeally some trouble updating the remote loader on a
Win2012R2 according to the dokumentation the IDM services shall be
stopped and then an installation of the 4.5 version takes care of the

This was not working in my case. The installer finished without any
trouble leaving the install directory untouched - meaning I was still
running on the old idm 4.0.x binaries and dlls ?!

After I removed anything from the old setpup the install woerked - but
it was not possible to run the IDM 4.5-2 patch on the windows host.
First the patch utility claimed that I am not a root user - which was
true on Windows - second I did not recognize the remote loader

The only way to apply the patch was to manually copy the files from the
patch to the remote loder directories.

Is this a bug or was somthing wrong with the windows 2012R2 member
server I was working with?


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