after patching Edirectory in both trees and IDM Engine/Driver and
Changelog I am not able tzo establish an SSL connection to the remote
server by the driver.

The driver was working before the patch and it is working when I
configere it not to use ssl.

Whenever I configure it back to use SSL and to accept the remote servers
ssl certificate the dribver is running into a protocol error:

[02/25/15 09:45:13.272]:Edir EWP DEV PT:Edir EWP DEV: EdirPublisher -
Initiating agent registration...
[02/25/15 09:45:13.275]:Edir EWP DEV PT:Edir EWP DEV:
LDAPInterface.registerDriverInstance() : Exception occured while
registration - Proto
col Error
[02/25/15 09:45:13.276]:Edir EWP DEV PT:Edir EWP DEV: Cannot establish
ldap connection to remote eDir yet ... waiting for 30 sec.
new-edir.log lines 41227-41260/41260 (END)

Any clues?

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