Hi all: Trying to get my new AD driver working. I have defined all the parameters but the driver keeps crashing with:

<status level="error" type="driver-general">
<message>unable to authenticate to Active Directory</message>
<ldap-err ldap-rc="82" ldap-rc-name="LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR">
<client-err ldap-rc="-2146893052"/>
<module>Active Directory Driver</module>
<component>DirXML Engine</component>
No object name provided.

Under driver configuration I have defined:

Authentication information for server: This is my eDir server which has IDM installed

Application authentication

Authentication ID: an admin user in our eDir tree

Connection Information: server name and port of domain controller

server.domain.ad port=8090 (I also tried the IP address)

Remote Loader

Host name: server.domain.ad

port: 8090

KMO: Blank for now

Other: Blank

So, I am stuck. Sugesttions? Thanks.