I have a very good scenario to migrate the users.

1. I have all users present in eDirectory (which was created using a
feed file). And also in AD (It was already there), but they are nowhere
synched with each other. So my question is , Can I add a value in
DirXML-Association programmatically , so that my users present in Novell
IDM sync with AD. (I know that for AD, guid is the association value,
but in my case how will I get that value ? Since I cannot migrate a user
to or from AD. I just have to synch) If yes, then how can I do that ?

2. Same scenario is applicable in Linux/Unix and JDBC resources also. I
have to set the DirXML-Association value, so that users present in
target systems can be easily synched with IDM.

3. And after successfully synching those users, If I generate any modify
event , then that should flow to target systems. Only then the approach
can be said good.

So please suggest me how to do that ?

Zeeshan (IDM Consultant)

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