I have just discovered that there is a limit on the number of parameters
when you call a java function from a driver. For example, I call a java
methods with 20 parameters in a driver and I get the error message

> Message: Code(-9130) Error in vnd.nds.stream: ........
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: DOMEvaluator parser error: too many
> parameters for function call.

I did not find anything in the documentation about the constraints on
java methods call. So I made some tests and I deduced that the limit max
of parameters in java methods is set to 15.

My two questions are:
Can this limit be increased ?
Do you know where I can find all of the limits/constraints in eDiretory
for java methods call. For example, I would like to know what is the max
size of strings arguments)

Thanks in advance

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