i'm using for an OES file system server user rights based on an Edir
The system is using equivalentToMe and securityEquals to give rights to
the FS.

On my Edir2Edir driver i sync members to some groups which are nested.

Grp1 is groupMembership to Grp2 which is groupMembership to Grp3
If i add a user to GRP1, it is seen on Grp2 and Grp3, which is fine. But
the EquivalentToMe is only in Grp1

i could add some driver to check after a "member" change then add the
equivalentToMe attribut, but unfortunately, on nested groups, no event
is raised since a new member is not a static member. Synching all
sub-groups is not really an option since i'l have to check if all
members have equivalentToMe and no equivalentToMe exist without a

How could i "link" on a specific hierarchy, the values of member and
equivalentToMe in all my nestedgroups ?


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