If you look at Lothar's password notification driver (PWNotify)
Get it from his package Repo, (Designer, Windows, Preferences, Expand
NetIQ (or Novell), expand Identity manager, click on Package Manager,
select the Online updates item.) Add a new one with this URL:

Great driver. I have a package I am working on to add on to it to add
more notifications. 4->N. (He ships with 3. I am adding support from 4
till you get bored).

Anyway, I was looking at Password about to expire, that code is all in
the Pub-Event. I get how it all works. on a heartbeat or a psuedo
heartbeat (Did I mention this is a very clever driver?) or a trigger
query LDAP for users who need to be notified.

So I had to do some mods to default Password has expired already code,
and that is oddly in the Sub-Command.

It appears it events on Grace Logins Remaining changing.

This was news to me. Does this imply that when Password Expiration Time
on a user hits "NOW" (or is it the other way around? When NOW hits
someones password expiration time?) that NMAS notices and change the
Grace Logins Remaining values?

or is Lothar assuming you are doing Client 32 style logins to your eDir
you report out of, and therefore the Client NMAS sees the expiration on
login and triggers the attribute change?

I was not sure what exactly NMAS does when a password expires. Anyone
have some insight on this one?