Hi all,

just a small question if the TID
http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=3004823 is still valid?

I got multiple domains. Passwordsync installed and configured. IAM 4.0.2
Patch D; Remote Loader Patch 5
All is patched to the actual state.

I have
One Remote Loader installed on a member Server of the main domain with 2
remote loader services configured for 2 the fully trusted Child
passwordsync also installed on this main Domain member server.
User Sync works fine for all domains. Set universal Password sync
initiated out of the ID Vault works also fine for all child domains.
Password sync initiated out of AD of one child domain works, the second
fails. The password is not changed in eDir.

In the PW Sync console all Domaincontroller are in state running.

My question is: Do I still have to use use "one domain member server
with one AD Remote Loaderservice and pwsync installation for each child
domain" as mentionend in older posts here?

or has anybody up and running several AD Remote Loader services for more
than 2 Child domains installed on one MS AD member server.
AND Password sync working in both directions eDir to AD and AD to eDir.

Thanks for help.


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