I'm seeing the following error on the remote loader when trying to start
the Office 365 driver:

<nds dtdversion="3.5">
<product instance="" version="" build="201410011420">Identity
Manager Driver for Microsoft Office365</product>
<contact>NetIQ, Corporation.</contact>
<status level="error">
<message>The type initializer for
'DXMLMSOnlineDriver.Schema.MSolSchema' threw an exception.</message>
<stack-trace> at
DXMLMSOnlineDriver.Schema.MSolSchema.getSchemaDef( XmlDocument document)
at DXMLMSOnlineDriver.SPDriverShim.getSchema(XmlDocum ent
<status level="success" />

This is a completely fresh install, new driver set and driver, IdM 4.5
Standard with Patch 2. I'm using the latest sign-on assistant and
online services module. I did try back-reving, but that made no
different. The remote loader is a Windows 2012 server.

I did open an SR, but haven't heard anything back yet and this is really
holding me up. Any ideas?



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