Hi all: I am now on the home stretch and need to get SSL working between eDir and the AD driver. I followed this TID: 7005413 which seems to detail the setup process pretty well, at least if setting up via iManager. But alas I am using IDM Designer and have not yet successfully gotten the two to talk.

I am not sure which settings are needed under "Driver Configuration" - "Driver Parameters". Current I have:

Authentication Method - Negotiate

Digitally sign communications - Yes

Digitally sign and seal communication - Yes

Use SSL for LDAP .... - Yes

On the Remote Loader side of the equation I have set "Use an SSL Connection" and specified the path and file of the certificate I created - C:\Novell\RemoteLoader\64bit\IDMRemoteLoaderCert.b 64

This cert was exported using iManager as detailed in the above referenced TID.

So when I start everything up the Remote Loader starts to complain "SSL protocol failure: error:14094410:SSL routines: SSL3_READ_BYTES: sslv3alert handshake failure".

Suggestions? As always, many thanks in advance.