Hello all,

It's been a while since my last post , but now I'm feeling that I need
a little help...

I have a eDirToeDir driver, and now it starts to show the following
error messages (a plus complete log is here :
http://pastebin.com/F9bWVKVF) :
> DirXML Log Event -------------------
> Driver: \ARBRE_CRA5\system\DriverSet\ConnecteurIDM
> Channel: Publisher
> Object: \IDV-PROD\data\personnes\user test (5238)
> Status: Error
> Message: Code(-9064) No DN generated by object placement policy.

Following the log file, the first error apparition was after the lines
> [03/05/15 18:04:20.524]:ConnecteurIDM PT:Applying object placement
> policies.
> [03/05/15 18:04:20.524]:ConnecteurIDM PT:Applying policy:
> %+C%14CNOVLEDIRDCFG-pub-pp%-C.

This messages are show in the eDir component of the driver, and when I
went to see the policy NOVLEDIRDCFG-pub-pp I noticed that all the rules
are marked as "disabled":

- Perform flat user placement
- Perform flat group placement
- Perform departmental user placement
- Perform mirrored placement in user subtree
- Perform mirrored placement in group subtree

Do you think it might be related? I just saw the IDVault component of
the driver and it has the same rules all marked as disabled...

I also checked both IDVault and eDir and the user exists in both
directories, but there is no DirXML-association in the IDVault that
points to eDir.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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