I am ready to put the noose around my head. With everyone's help here I have my eDir-to-AD password sync setup and communicating properly. I can make all changes but one, the password. When I make a change to a user password in eDir I immediately get a "Code(-8015) Operation Vetoed by filter" on the remote loader. Ad god as my witness I have not touched the filtering and I have no idea what may now be causing this problem.

I even started from scratch, creating a brand new project. I sync one-way, from eDir to AD with all Application changes turned off. On the subscriber side/user, the DirXLM-ADAlaisName and CN are off, nspmDistributionPassword is set to Notify, and all others set to Subscribe. In Groups all settings except CN are set to subscribe; CN is off. We do a flat sync.

ugh, Chris.