In driver configuration, we have multiple options for logging error.
Which option for which case ? It isn't clear for me. I have read "Common
Driver Administration Guide" documentation (A.4 and A.9), but, in my
opinion, it's not precise enough.

Is "Log Level" tab reserved for logging with a external audit
application like Sentinel or Identity Reporting Module ? Or it is just
"XDAS error" part ? "Log Level" tab impacts DirXML-StatusLog attributs
(Suscriber and Publisher) ?

I use "Misc" tab for debugging driver in trace file. We can also use
DSTrace. There are reason to use DSTrace in place of trace file
(performance...) ? Others questions on "Trace level" : in documentation,
level 1 and level 5 are described. What means level 2, 3... ? What is
the maximum level ?

If we use trace ("Misc" tab), should we disabled log ("Log Level" tab)

Thanks for information, I am lost

Lilian Gallet

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