We have IDM 4.0.2 in Windows. Yesterday we had made 20000+ bulk role
assignments in IDM (that assign a group in AD).

The windows server team applied some windows patch and rebooted the IDM
servers without informing to us.

Today, when we checked the roles and resource driver, it has*
"Unprocessed Transactions Total: 19000"* events in its cache pending.

Cache file max : 11415749 , occupied : 9117317

We tried restarting the driver but it didnot stop, it says "driver is
shutting down". From the logs, we could see,
[03/12/15 11:21:00.013]:roles :RES_TIMER: Checking for workflows to be
[03/12/15 11:22:00.011]:roles :RES_TIMER: Checking for workflows to be
[03/12/15 11:23:00.009]:roles :RES_TIMER: Checking for workflows to be

The above lines, are coming in the log for every minute. Almost 5-6
hours, we have these lines in the log. No further processing of events.

we tried restarting eDirectory as well, but still the same.

Is there a way we can take backup of cached file events? so that the
driver can be started after deleting all events from cache and after
that place all the backed up cache file into driver?

Please let us know if any way to make the driver to running and
processing the cached events.

Thanks in advance

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