We use RBE for assigning roles to users. For some users, roles aren't
assigned. If I use 're-evaluate members' fonctionality on IManager, the
Entitlement Service Driver do nothing (nothing in trace file). For the
majority of users, 're-evaluate members' works fine.

After some investigations, I have found that's for users with
DirXML-Associations on the 'migrate' state (4), for example :
cn=Entitlements Service

On the Entitlement Service Driver in iManager, if I migrate from
Identity-Vault the user, DirXML-Associations go to the 'processed' state
(1) and roles are assigned, 're-evaluate members' fonctionality is
unblocked for this user.

What does the 'migrate' state mean ? Why some users have this state on
their DirXML-Associations ?

Thanks in advance.

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