we have a soap driver to access mainframe webservices to provision users
into mainframe applications.

The webservice accepts the reqeust inside the CDATA tag as given below (
and also gives back the response inside the CDATA tag).

<SPMLSearchRequest xmlns="http://www.webinterface/klmSpml">
< actual request goes here.... am
able to form it... whether search / add / modify>

From spml output transformation policy, almost I am able to form the
reqeust similar above. But I am unable to add the *less than* '*<*'
*symbol* infront of *CDATA*.

I have tried different combinations, like &lt; '<', "<", but nothing
worked out. Please help if there is a workaround for this.

below is the few lines from the spml output transformation, where the
request is formed.



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