Out of curiosity, is it possible to tell why all of the events are being
filtered for our newly-installed JDBC driver?

We have the driver set up in direct mode, and I can see rows being
populated in indirect_usr, direct.view_usr, and
indirect.indirect_process, but nothing is being stored in
indirect.indirect_processed, direct.direct_process, or

A level 25 trace of an update can be found here:

I've been googling around and trying things for several days, but
haven't made any headway so far :/

Any thoughts on where I can look/change/etc.?

This is our test environment; we're on IDM 4.0.1 on SLE11SP3. The
drivers for GW and AD work fine. I'm using the classes12.jar file to
connect to our Oracle 11g test environment.


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