My customer has a SaaS-based HR app (UltiPro from Ultimate Software)
which has web-service interfaces - yay! However, there are no
web-service update notifications or delta logic available from the
vendor - boo! Since this is the authoritative source for all employees,
we need to know when updates occur on user records; but how do we get
only the changes? Has anyone built (or have any thoughts on how to
build) a solution for this? UltiPro is very used to using delimited text
files for this but as we all know, delimited text is the driver of last
resort - what I consider "throw-over-the-wall-provisioning" since it
provides no source data validation or direct querying. It seems I'm
faced with some options:
1. setup a process of re-scanning all source records on a timed basis
2. setup a combination of a delimited text driver which would read delta
csv files which would trigger the SOAP driver to re-query the UltiPro
data for the changed user.
3. Just live with the (numerous) shortcomings of a delimited text driver
(NetIQs or the Generic File driver) since that's what UltiPro people are
used to using.
4. ??

Along these lines - does anyone know if someone offers a pre-configured
driver for UltiPro which solves this issue?

All help greatly appreciated.