Hello there,

I'm working with the IDM Linux/Unix Fan-Out Driver to provision users
and groups to various Linux/Unix platforms (RedHat, Solaris, HP-UX and
AIX). After the initial installation and configuration normal issues,
everything works fine, except when managing group membership
add/deletions as explained below.

Add users to a provisioned group, all at the same time: Works fine.
Add a user to a provisioned group with members already in: In some cases
deletes all the members already in and only add the last user added to
the group, some other depending on the platform deletes the last user in
the group and add the last user added, some other times simply deletes
all the members and left the group empty.

The only workarund in the meantime is issue a fullsync function of
asamrcvrd to re-sync.

Any thoughts?


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