I am attempting to link the IDM system with the physical security badge
system known as "Facility Commander". This is my first "indrect sync"
JDBC driver and I was hoping to get some pointers or something to help
get me going in the right direction.

Info about the DB:
No custom views for IDM

Table with User's employee ID# (matching attribute) and unique ID for
the DB is dbo.PersonTable
Table with User's photo is dbo.PersonImage
Table with User's badge# is dbo.BadgeTable

The dbo.PersonTable has "Id" as the unique key that is used to join the
tables dbo.PersonImage and dbo.BadgeTable. However, the column in those
tables is named "PersonId".

I've configured the out of the box SQL Server JDBC connector and I'm
able to get the Id number from the PersonTable to get it linked to my
user account, but I'm not sure how to reference the other tables to
synchronize the information. It references that the primary key name
needs to match. I'm fairly certain I'm missing something obvious, but
I'm not sure what it is.


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