I'm using IDM v4.5 on W2K12 R2 and the default email templates. I do
not have this problem with IDM v4.0.2.

The problem is the email being sent is missing the default
"powered_by_novell.gif" image. I have verified the file does exist in
the D:\NetIQ\IdentityManager\NDS\mt_files\ directory. Specifically I am
using the "Forgot Password" template. Below is the template source.

<html xmlns:form="http://www.novell.com/dirxml/workflow/form">
<form:token-description item-name="UserFullName" description="The
user's full name"/>
<form:token-description item-name="CurrentPassword" description="The
user's current password"/>
<title>Your password request</title>
<style> <!-- body { font-family: Trebuchet MS } --> </style>
<p>Dear $UserFullName$,</p>
<p>You have requested that your current password be emailed to you.
The password is given below:</p>
<p>Password: $CurrentPassword$</p>
<p>If you did not request that your password be emailed to you, please
the help desk at (012) 345-6789 or email at <a
help.desk@mycompany.com </a></p>
<p> - Automated Security</p>
<p><img SRC="cidowered_by_novell.gif" ALT="Powered by Novell"
width="80" height="29"/></p>

Has anyone else seen this problem with IDM v4.5?


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