Hi All,

I have one Delimited Text Driver. Where daily there is a subscriber job,
that runs in a particular time and query eDirectory for users who
matches some attributes and writes details in the .tmp file. Now I need
to close the .tmp file as soon as the job completes writing all the
user's data.
As the job runs daily once, I set the "Maximum time in seconds before
flushing all transactions" to 24 hours. So that the .tmp file remain
open for 24 hours. Then it converts to .csv file. This can create a
problem, if the job got fired more than one time in a day, this will
write duplicate data in the file. For now this takes 1 minute to
generate the record for 2K users. So as a alternate I can set the option
to 1m OR 10m OR 1/2 hours. But this is static. The problem remains.

But is there any way (may be from driver policy) I can say close the
file after writing is being finished? I found that there is the
"postprocessor" interface for in the driver doc. Is there any straight
forward way to synchronize the file closure activity from the driver
after the writing is being completed?

Raktim Banerjee
Enterprise Risk and Security Services (ERSS)
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