We have implemented the new Google Apps driver patch to support the new
APIs. The update has been relatively smooth, but now that we are in the
height of student registration, the driver has terminated several times
with an unexplained fatal NullPointerException processing a group
membership change for course groups. The issue appears to be transient
in nature and i cannot trace down a common data issue with the events
that cause the shim to terminate. Upon restarting the driver, the same
event which caused the fatal processes without incident. I can only
assume it is something that Google is returning which should be handled
as a Retry and is causing a Fatal. Note that we have not yet seen the
JAXP issue so I do not have that option enabled in the driver config.

Fortunately, I keep tracing turned on, so I was able to capture the
following. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


|Filename: driver-terminated-add-member.txt |
|Download: |

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