Hello All,

I saw number of other comments about MVEditor control, but none of them
really applies to this what I experience. I’m getting error
“this_column[0] is undefined” when using “DAL Global Query key”.

The problem I have is as follows:

I use MVEditor control populated with the dynamic list of objects
through the “DAL Global Query key”. The search parameter is attribute
CN of User. I do not use “Entity key for DN expression”. “Allow multiple
selections” is equal true.
The DAL query is based on the DAL entity, in which none of the
attributes is checked for “required”, but only CN attribute is checked
for “search”.

If I hit the search button of this control I get the error
“this_column[0] is undefined”.

In turn, if I change the DAL entity object this way that attribute CN
is checked for “required”, then the content of MVEditor is nicely
populated with the result of the DAL query and the object selector
appears with an option to search by CN. But once I provide the search
string and hit the search button I get “Nullpointer Exception”.

Does anybody know why the object selector appears at all? How can I
hide it? Or how to get the object selector to run without exception?

I can enclose the sample PRD, DAL query and DAL entity exports, as well
as the short doc with screenshots.

Version: IDM 3.7.0 Patch E, Build Revision 37463


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