Hi all!

IDM3.6.1a 64 bits

I have a workflow that reads the "description" attribute from user
class, change values in a MVEditor field and write back to directory.
If it contains ">" character, the workflow ends with error.


- Description with "test" value works fine
- Description with "test>" value terminate with this error:

17:33:26,019 ERROR [LogEvent] [Workflow_Error] Initiated by <mysuer>,
Error Message: Script Expression
flowdata.getObject('Start/Cria_outro_usuario/observacoes')] must
evaluate to a String., Process ID: 560c9a1aa30d483097734d8ebac8af34,
Process Name: cn=modificacao_usuario,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfi
g,cn=UserApplication,cn=DriverSet-PRD,ou=servicos,o=ACME:190, Activity:
Activity4, Recipient: <myuser>

This error occours only in a multivalued field (flowdata.getObject).
With singlevalue works fine.

May someone test it for me, please?


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