Hello everyone

I performed a migration from 3.6.1 to 4.0.1 in my test enviroment .
After some problems I have finally finished the migration successfull.

The problem is that in my test environment eDirectory, IDM,
userapplication and userapp database are all on the same machine.
In the production environment eDirectory and IDM are on a server, the
db on another server and the user application on a third machine

I was wondering what steps would be better run:

I run on the first server migration of eDirectory, IDM, iManager,
designers, packages, run NrfcCaseUpdate utility and migrates driver with
the latest packages from the designers.

On the second server perform the migration of userapp db

On the third I run only the upgrade of the user application and run
the patch A.

The upgrade manual say:

(Conditional) If the old server is your User Application server,
perform the following
additional steps:
Run the NrfCaseUpdate utility, Migrate User app driver in Designer,
Create Role and Resource driver, Deploy User app driver, install User
app on this new server

So...If my userapplication is ,as I said, on another server, how (and
where) can I run the steps of the NrfCaseUpdate utility?

Thanks in advance


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