Hi all,
I'm getting crazy looking for the right way to setup rights on the
User Application.

I have defined multiple Provisioning Request Definitions that must be
visible to a subset of users only. For that, I have added some groups to
the trustee rights of the PRDs and I have removed public rights on the
DriverSet's subtree. This ensures that users only see the requests they
have rights to.

One of the Provisioning Request Definitions is used to request roles on
the User Application and roles have an associated approval workflow.
When a user request a role, three records are added to the section
'Request Status' of the Work Dashboard. The first record corresponds to
the PRD (the status is set to 'Completed:Approved') and the user can
view details and comments of this request. The second record corresponds
to the approval workflow and the user is able to check the approval
status of his request.

The last record corresponds to the role assignment. When the user click
on it, he receives the error message "An error occurred retrieving the
request details:An error occurred processing the request. (You don't
have access to view the details of the request status.)". If I do not
remove public rights on the DriverSet's subtree, the user will not
receive the error and can check the status of the Role Assignment

How can I get rid of this error without assigning public rights
directly to the container
Requests.RoleConfig.AppConfig.UserApplication.Driv erSet.Services.Tree ?
Otherwise, am I using the wrong approach to manage PRD's visibility? Any
suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks. Best regards,


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