Hi all,

We had a lab setup with the userApp configured and working on Jboss
with no issues. However our main IdM vault server suffered a fatal crash
and had to be re-built from scratch. I have given the new IDM server a
different IP than the old

I have now completed this and imported the old driverset and project to
the new server. However the UserApp driver that was previously running
fine is unable to start. The only error in the server.log is:

--*Code (-9010) An exception occurred:
java.land.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal sourceDocument argument*

I have re-done the certs for the Jboss node and am able to connect to
the User Application URL via SSL and can login as the svc_uaadmin
account so it is working as expected. The IV schema has also been

I have also checked the config in the UserApp driver (which is very
limited) which seems to be correct, but still the error when I try to
start the driver so am unsure what else I can check.

To verify its not an issue with the driver itself, I created a new out
of the box UserApp driver and configured this for the new servers, but I
am still getting the same error when trying to start the driver.

Does anyone know what other config I need to check to get the driver to

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