I am trying to assign an AD group to a user via the *Resource Request*
Activity in a PRD.

The AD Groups Resource needs two entitlement parameters as per what I
saw my the nrfAssignedResources value for one of the users who was
member of that group. I am trying to assign that group to another user
using the Resource Request Activity in the PRD.

The entitlement parameters for AD Group Resource are 'ID' that takes
the GUID value of the group and 'ID2' that you set as the DN of the
The entitlement configuration for AD driver is set to Identity Manager
4 format which only accepts input strings in the JSON Format and not in
the legacy format.

So, I need to specify the multiple parameters in a valid JSON format.
Information about specifying the JSON format for one parameter is given
in the Designer readme:
'Novell Identity Manager Designer 4.0.1 Readme'

I have tried the following and none of them work.
{"ID", "<GUID>"} {"ID2", "<Group-DN>"}
{"ID", "<GUID>", "ID2", "<Group-DN>"}
{"ID", "<GUID>"} | {"ID2", "<Group-DN>"}
{"ID", "<GUID>"} | {"ID2", "<Group-DN>"}

{"ID", "<GUID>"}
{"ID2", "<Group-DN>"}

When I look at the Role and Resource driver log after running the
workflow manually from User App, I see an error message like "The value
specified for the entitlement parameter is in an invalid JSON format not
supported by IDM 4.0 format............."

I have tried the resource activity for an LDAP driver that needs just
one entitlement parameter and that works fine.
I used {"ID", "LDAP server"}, and it did not give any error.

So, I am facing issues in terms of defining multiple parameters in JSON

I am using Designer 4.0.1. The AD driver was created via Designer and
not iManager.
Please let me know if you have hints about how to define multiple
attributes in a JSON format.



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