I am looking for docs on how to define the data types for the dataitem
array in a Start workflow SOAP call.

The DataItemArray is the method analogous to entering data on the Form
in a browser. I am surmising that since this is a SOAP call, there is
no means of enforcement of form field properties (required, editable,
et. al) but how do you specify the data type when building the SOAP

Here is a sample call from SoapUI;

<!-- Workflow to be called. DO NOT CHANGE-->

<ser:arg0>cn=PRDName,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,c n=UserApplication,cn=DriverSet,ou=IDM,ou=SERVICES, o=COMPANY</ser:arg0>
<!-- User DN -->

<ser:arg1>cn=serviceAccount,ou=application,ou=user s,o=company</ser:arg1>
<!-- Input Form Field name DO NOT CHANGE-->
<!-- User DN -->

<!-- Input Form Field name DO NOT CHANGE-->
<!-- Data Value -->
<!-- Correlation ID -->

Note the ser:string setting. I have tried different settings for
different data types, without any success. I am primarily interested in
setting long integers and DN's.

We have changed the security settings on the UA servers so that
Provisioning Admin is no longer required. We now start the workflows
using a service account. However, that is making the service account the
default recipient, and we now have to pass the actual user to be
processed as a separate form field. The targetUser field is defined as a
DN with a DN Display Control Type, a duplicate of the recipient field.
The formField1 field is defined as an integer with a Text Control Type.

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