I'm using the documentation here ('Novell Doc: User Application:
Administration Guide - Developing Clients for the Provisioning Web
(http://www.novell.com/documentation/...a/b99qakx.html)) to
connect to our user app.

I am following the example for C# using Mono. I have the test services
available (by editing the war files) and have done all the steps using
Mono to create the ProvisioningService.dll (as well as

Visual Studio shows no errors when the test code is in the editor and
builds just fine. However, when I run and debug the program I get this

"Method ProvisioningService.getProcessesByQuery can not be reflected."

and then this:

"The global XML attribute 'order' from namespace '' references distinct
types t_workEntryOrder and t_processInfoOrder. Use XML attributes to
specify another XML name or namespace for the attribute or types."

I cannot figure out why this is happening or find any help elsewhere

I've also added the web services to the project as a service reference
instead of building a DLL. This too gives me errors when trying to use
the example code provided.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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