Doing a full IDM 401 installation for a customer they want to do Roles
and resources, all in.
Cool, so after building up the background logic etc. I show them the
RMA to map AD entilements to Resources and Roles.
This is a promising tool that I have been impressed with when playing
around with it but I had never used it in production.

Now I find quite a few very disturbing things with it.
First, passwords. If I have a complex password I'm not allowed to log
in, try a password like %7kkB55 It just did not let me log in util I
changed it to another pwd.

The confusing parameter "User context" when setting it up, should be
RMA administrator context in my opinion.

Localization, terrible. The whole UA is Localized and then his thing
can't handle it, it doesnt even allow any non US ascii char as text
(that might be the issue with the password to).

If I then change the role from the UA and refresh the RMA it only
displays the new name not the updated description, strange.

This was just a few observations during the first hour and makes it
feel that the utility still has quite some way to go before I show it to
the next customer, it's not trustworthy.

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