I'm trying to the IdentityBeans and IdentityBean Objects in a Form.

I made the following function, which i call from a change of a DN

function onChangeDNLookup(){
var dn = form.getValue('dnLookup');
if (dn != ''){
var ib = rv.getRoleApprovers(dn); //get the IdentityBeans into ib
alert(ib.size()); //correct Amount of IdentityBean in the ItentiyBeans
// ibDns = ib.getDns(); //Turns into an Scripting Error because of the ()
ibDns = ib.getDns; // no Error but i think this is not the stuff i want
alert(ibDns.length); // Shows "0" but should be "3" because i have 3 Approvers on my TestRole
if (ib.size() == 0){
alert('No Approvers Found');
} else {
var iterator = ib.iterator();
var cib = iterator.next();
alert(cib.getDn()); //Correct DN of the Approver
alert(cib.getType()); //Correct Type of the Approver
alert(cib.equals(cib)); //Always True, because i compare it with itself
alert(cib.getClass()); //Always "IdentityBean"

I think im missing something, I can work with the IdentityBean. But
with the IdentityBeans I dont get the way to them, i can use size and
the Iterator but the other defined Functions acording to the Novell Doc
i cannot use.

Anyone has some Hints or Tipps where i miss the Part?

Thanks for your help.
Greetings Andi

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