We recently upgraded 3.6.1UA to 4.0.1a Advanced UA.

Now, in UA 3.6.1 - each 'provisioning team' had its specific
'provisioning team requests' they could initiate. the provisioning team
request scope was by categories - for example: team "Sales Department"
could initiate all PRD's whithin the prd's category

Now - in UA 4.0.1 - i can only choose (from UserApp portal ONLY) the
1. A specific PRD with its permission (Initiate,Retract,etc.)
2. ALL PRD's on the UA.
* Picture of this is attached in: http://db.tt/Jp24r738

This is a HUGE problem because we have hundreds of PRDs in our UA (so
it could take ages to assigne each PRD to its team) and dozens from
these PRDs are automatic which should not be accessed to anybody ( so we
cannot choose to assign ALL prds to each team).

How we can resolve this issue?

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