Carrying on with the requirement to create temp users for internet
access, I'm using an auto started workflow, once users have been added
via the delimited text driver. I've created a single flow provision
member PRD. Is there any way of populating the multiple recipients
automatically? I've also noticed that even though the PRD says it can
provision multi user objects, the recipient entry in the form is set to
non-multivalued and can't be changed.
The issue is the approver only wants to see one email, around 50 temp
users could be created at once. I've explained that every event has to
come thorugh the channel and be processed on a singular basis. I'm
starting the workflow from within the userapp driver. I can't use the
group as the only group that exists is the one the users are provisioned
into for sync to the access tree.
Has anyone done this before? I'm thinking that I could do a search on
all newly created users and turn them into some sort of blob which is
then picked up by the autostart workflow. I just can't think of what
blob and whether or not an auto started workflow is seen as a multi
member PRD. Is the provision members function something the portal
interprets and when seen in a policy it only passes single events to
completion as IDM is meant to?

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