In the attempt to try to enforce a telephone number formatting (too bad
you can ONLY do this in the RBPM module with a form and not where users
actually edit their own information--kinda defeats the purpose of
self-service), we ran into a rather interesting observation:

Using the ECMAScript simulator thingy in Designer, it works
But when you enter the SAME data in the UA itself, it processes the
data differently.

Here's the function basically that we're doing:

// TODO Auto generated function stub.
function phoneNum(v)
// Auto generated function body.
// The function body goes here.
// For details on how to create and execute ECMAScript functions,
// please refer to IDM Designer documentation.
rx = new RegExp("[^0123456789]"); = true;
stripped= v.replace(rx,"");
newString="(" + stripped.substr(0,3) + ") " + stripped.substr(3,3) + "-" + stripped.substr(6,4);
return newString;


So if you use the ECMASCript inline Script Script tool in Designer,
you'd type in something like:
(123) 456-7890
and it would return:
(123) 456-7890

So you do the SAME thing in the form in the UA and it processes it
completely differently (tried both FF And IE in case it was the
javascript processor) and you'll get like:

(123) 3--789
or something


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