This is hard to explain, but here goes:

Let's say I have a form and 2 of the items are "lists"

One is static list and one is basically a DNLookup

When the form is drawn, the size of the "box" (the little white
rectangle where you'd either type stuff in or click the "list") is like
maybe 10-15% larger on a DNLookup than a list.

And the font itself (when you type with auto-complete OR search) is
like 15 point font and the rest of the stuff in UA defaults to some tiny
thing like 8 point or something.

Just trying to figure out why the discrepency within the form itself
(just makes for one ugly form).

I know WAY back when, in the NON-RBPM I ran into something similar but
it was only with IE browser where drop-down lists showed larger than the
other boxes. But this time, it's with the RBPM version of UA AND it
shows "large" with both FF and IE.

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