Hi all,

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1
Build Revision 37294

I am having trouble creating a form where I use a DNQuery to show a
list of users that conform to the query, I am 100% sure query works, as
I tested it using an onload event:
IDVault.globalQuery("TestQuery", "queryUserInCompanyOrBranch",
{"companyCode":"*", "costCode":"*", "division":"*",
"firstName":"Godfrey", "lastName":"Seema", "employeeNumber":"3768961",

I have played around with different scenarios and found the following:
1. DNQuery works fine if querying a structural class
2. DNQuery stops working once there is an aux class attribute in the

Does anyone else experience this problem??

How can I see the logs that the DNQuery outputs?

I have tested the query using a similar LDAP query in Apache directory
studio and it returns the correct response so there are no rights

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