I have a problem at a customer. When a user tries to Assign (request) a
resource on the Work Dashboard, the following happens:
- User clicks assign: happens very fast
- User enters the reason of the request: happens very fast
- User clicks the search magnifying glass: happens very fast
- User searches for description of the resource: happens very fast
- User selects the resource: happens very fast
But then we got a problem. When the user selects a resource it takes up
to 10 seconds or more for the resources assignment window to recognize
it (and therefore 10 seconds or more before the user can click on
assign). There is no hour glass or something to indicate that it's doing
*something*. When you click no assign too early the window gives an
error 'select a resource to assign' despite the fact that the resource
was already selected. On the background is is still busy apparently.
Users do not get this and try to click assign too early (which i would
also do except the fact that i know that it's still not 'finished' after
selecting the resource).

I've narrowed this problem down:
When you select a resource that has not yet been assigned to users (or
to a small amount of users), the resource can almost immediately be
assigned. When you select a resource that has been assigned to a lot of
users the process takes ages. So when you select a resource it performs
some sort of query (at least, that is my suspicion) that takes longer
when the resources has been assigned to a lot of users.

Other info:
- Server has 2 CPU's
- Server has 4 gig of physical memory
- Server runs with the following memory settings: set
JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m
- Indexes have been created on member, groupmembership, nrfMemberOf
(and almost all the other nrf Attributes)
- I've created extra indexes (for test) on DirXML-EntitlementRef,
securityequals and equivalenttome to speed up the query that it seems to
be doing.
- The customer has UA 3.7 installed with latest patchlevel on
Acceptance (en older patchlevel on Production but it has the same
problems so that's not an issue right now).
- eDir server has also 4 gig of memory and 4 CPU's

The resources themselves are Group entitlements on a special Resource
Driver (loopback). AD groups are synced to IDM and the Resource Driver
has an entitlement for all those groups in IDM. When a users requests a
resources the user will get the Resource Driver Group entitlement on
that specific group, becoming member of that group in IDM and therefore
also member of that group in AD (members are synced to AD).

Can anyone help me to speed up the resource assignment? For users this
is unworkable right now. Thanks in advance.

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