Two questions (I've run across this first one before, but apparently I
cannot find my docs on how to get around it)

For patch B, I'm supposed to run the .bin file (on Linux) but
apparently it wants the java path stuff and it's not in the PATH by
default?? (I used the integrated installer for Jboss/PostGRE, etc.)

I vaguely remember having to manually adjust the path to get this to
work in the old days for 3.6.1 (but again, lost my doc apparently on how
to properly patch this since the readme apparently assumes I'm smart
enough to know this--haha)

2) I noticed #9 in Patch B that says if you're using Digital Signature
in UA to do those steps. But the readme for 4.0.1 says that Digital
Signatures were removed. So does this mean that Patch B adds that
ability back in? I was trying to do some research on what exactly was
meant by "digital signature", and so was a bit confused when the product
release says it's not there, but the patch seems to imply "if you plan
on utilizing it" (can you utilize something that's not there?)

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