I have a IDM401 advanced edition running on sles11
We have UA with workflows, roles and resources set up.
We also have one AD driver and three LDAP drivers for open LDAP set

Provisioniong accounts (create/modify etc) works fine from the Vault to

Now I want to create the resources properly and add the group
entilements. It works fine for AD, it also did work at one point for one
LDAP driver.
Since then I have added two more LDAP drivers and now I want to add the
groups from one of the new LDAP directories to some resources. I created
the new drivers by exportin and importing the working driver.

Now however when I want to list the entitlements or refresh them I see
the ldap query for inetOrgPerson and groupOfUniqueNames but I never get
any response.

The strange thing is that the driver works, can add users etc so it
seems not to be any rights issue.

Have you got any suggestion on how to trobleshoot this?


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