We have a Request/Approval form.

On the Request form, we have OU setup as a static list using the DAL

The user can choose an item from the list, and submit the form for

But when the approver gets the form, the OU line does not "remember"
what the requestor chose. Instead, it defaults to:
Choose from list (I'm paraphrasing).

We've verified that our workflow, etc. is correct (the other form
fields carry over okay). But we had to add this line to the other form
fields (for like picklists) to preserve the selections on the onload:


var Q =IDVault.globalQuery(null, "Departments");
for (i=0; i<Q[0].length; i++)
desc=IDVault.get(null, Q[0][i].toString(), "Departments", "Description");
field.setValues(Q[0][i].toString(), desc, true);

But for some reason the above doesn't work with the Static List control
type for some reason.

Any ideas?

I looked in the server.log and didn't see any errors in the activity ID
for the particular item.

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